The Sacred Job

Back to Back with Laughter ~ Dennis Swanberg (Audio CD) This past week the college I graduated from hosted the annual Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting to coincide with graduation. (Or, as my brother Mitchell called it: “BaptiCon ’06). This year, one of the featured speakers was a man who calls himself a “Baptist Humorist.”

Of course, he’s not kidding anyone, he’s really a comedian; a Christian comedian.
And this really got me thinking: why are there so many “Christian” job titles? Christian singer, Christian civil rights lawyer, Christian writer, filmmaker, etc. There are a ton of these so called consecrated jobs.

Why do people persist in doing this? Does it make your job seem that much better because you’re a Christian something or other? And why hasn’t this trickled down into every day life?

I work at a hospital and I’ve not once heard of a Christian doctor, nurse, phlebotomist, or physical therapist. For that matter, I don’t go around calling myself a “Christian Optical Disk Tech”. It would be ridiculous for me to do so.

So, why do we do this? I think because people want to separate the secular from the “sacred.” A comedian is bad, but when you put Christian in front of it, it becomes something acceptable. The same thing goes for lawyers and writers.

Think about how many people deride The DaVinci Code for being poorly written, but absolutely love Left Behind. The difference? One is “Christian” and the other is blasphemous. It boggles the mind. (Which reminds me, I have a post coming comparing those two books; maybe tomorrow.)

Also, this tends to create a two-tiered Christianity. There are some people who are actively working for the Lord and there are others who just have regular jobs. As if having a Christian Clown ministry is something more pleasing to God than being the night janitor at high school.

My answer to all of this is just be yourself. Forget about being a Christian comedian, just be a comedian. Tell jokes and make people laugh. Write books; if they happen to be about Christ, fine, but just be a writer.

Stop trying to make your job sound holy because you do it “in the name of Christ.” If you aren’t a pastor, then your job probably isn’t hallowed, but your life is. Unless you’re a homemaker, raising kids; that’s the holiest job of all.


2 thoughts on “The Sacred Job

  1. Oooo – a comparison between Left Behind and The DaVinci Code? I can’t wait! I read the first two or three Left Behind books because I thought I should be culturally aware of the story, but I had to quit because I just couldn’t do it anymore. The DaVinci Code wasn’t well written, but I enjoyed the story (even if it is heretical, etc.).

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