A Couple Recomendations

There are a couple of things I want to talk about without getting into a full-blown review. The first is the ESV Listener’s Bible read by Max McLean and the second is Astonishing X-Men written by Joss Whedon.

I’ve tried listening to audio versions of the Bible many times. Sometimes the reader is bad, sometimes the version isn’t suited for audio (in my opinion the Message fits into this category), and most often the production is just outright bad (almost every King James version).

The Listener’s Bible is the exact opposite. The reader is good (if somewhat overdramatic in Gen. 1-2), the ESV sounds great read aloud, and the production is excellent. I got it free from Audible because of the Twit promotion, so I don’t know how much it actually costs, but it’s worth it.

Moving on to something completely unrelated: Astonishing X-Men. I know that I am way behind the curve on this, but I just started reading the graphic novels this week and I love it. Whedon brings his unique dialogue to comics, something the industry sorely needed. Anyway, check it out if you haven’t and you are into comics.


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