In Which I Prove I'm A Curmudgeon

No, I won’t join MySpace.  No, I won’t be your friend on Facebook.  No, you cannot add me to your PIM software.  No, you can’t have my cell number.  No, I don’t need any more friends.

No, I don’t want to refinance my mortage.  No, I don’t want to enlarge anything.  No, I don’t need your drugs.  No, I don’t want pictures of Paris Hilton.

No, I don’t want a free PS3.  No, I don’t want to punch the terrorist in the face.  No, I won’t click on your stupid blinking ad.

No, I don’t want music blaring when I visit your site.  No, I don’t want click on a picture of a dog just to log onto my freaking bank account.  No, I don’t think your rounded corners and gradients are cool.

No, I don’t want any email updates.  No, I will not validate myself so you can get my email; I didn’t want to talk to you anyway.  No, I will not IM you.  No, I do not agree to your EULA, but I still want to use your software.

No, I don’t want to update Adobe Reader, again.  No, I will not open your attachment.  No, I don’t want your stupid Windows Genuine Advantage, it’s neither genuine nor an advantage.

Just no.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “In Which I Prove I'm A Curmudgeon

  1. Someone just informed me on my blog that he’s a Luddite. Putting aside for a moment the irony that I would never have communicated with this person or found out he was a Luddite without the technological advances of the information age, I wanted to point out-

    You might be a Luddite, too. 😉

  2. Well, not to advertise, but if you want an alternative to the wonderful, wonderful Adobe software, check out Foxit. It’s really small, and it’s a lot faster than AA. Also, you don’t have to update every ten seconds.

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