The Manliness of Christianity

Any more posts like this and I’ll be a card-carrying egalitarian. The insistence on a masculine Christianity, whether if what Piper is talking about or the crap that Mark Driscoll is always on about, as essential to the Gospel frankly baffles me. To me that post reads like a parody, but I guess that just proves I’m not manly enough.

Edit: This is a better description of manliness, but I get the feeling that Piper would say this is what he was talking about all along.

Edit 2:  I agree completely with Mark Horne.  Just a clarification, though: it was not my intent in the first edit to put up a “Check List of Manliness”; such a list would be silly.  Rather, I felt that things like playing with your kids and leading by example were better signs of “manliness” than whatever our culture (Christian included) has decided is manly. 


6 thoughts on “The Manliness of Christianity

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  2. Mike, by “these opinions,” I was referring to the Piper piece. I linked you because I was too lazy to write a second link as a hat tip.

    I clarified the link as “Piper’s opinions.”

  3. Jared I have so many things I want to say about that article. Some men say “they feel emasculated by taking on more of the childcare responsibilities”? I’ll bet they didn’t feel “emasculated” when they were making the baby. The idea that being a father and being a man are at odds with each other is ridiculous.

    Oh, and it’s not a purse, it’s European.

  4. Mike,
    I randomly came across this post through a little google walking that I do every once and a while. My buddy and I run a blog that is devoted entirely to making men manlier based from a christian perspective. Normally, it is a lot of foolishness thrown together more for entertainment purposes. However, not too long ago we did a more serious post that dealt with this issue. I copied a link so you could have a looksie:


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