Life Zero

I’ve been thinking about John Flowers’ Life Zero a lot lately (it should definitely be a book), and how it could be hacked/repurposed for my unique needs.  I’ll put the 9 rules below, but according to John, Life Zero is “a methodology for living [a] better, happier, more enlightened [life].”  This simple life philosophy appeals to me on several levels and I think it could be hacked to reflect a very Christian worldview* to suit my need.

I have some post ideas for the coming weeks, but as an introduction, here are the Rules of Life Zero:

1. What you need and no more
2. Ex-lover items get lost
3. 6 months unused, lose it
4. New comes in, old goes out
5. No debt, no matter what
6. 10 is a magic number
7. Your time has value
8. Imagine Constant Travel
9. Practice Life Meditation

* I don’t like how I initially phrased that as I would not want to give the impression that I am attempting to create a Christian Life Zero.  The original rules (and the redux) are great, something that has truly inspired me, but my purpose here is to create a simple life methodology that is specific to me.


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