July 4th Church Services

Jesus in front of America FlagsHere’s a good question at The Church and Postmodern Culture: what do you do about July 4th weekend church meetings?  More specifically, if you are visiting family and their church has a very patriotic meeting, how do you respond?  Would you choose to attend in order to avoid offense?  Would you choose to not attend?  Would you confront your family members and/or their church leadership?

My thoughts run fairly negatively on nationalist displays in church buildings.  I don’t think American flags, the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, etc. belong in a worship meeting directed towards God.  While I acknowledge the freedoms we enjoy here in America, including that of religion, patriotic displays have no place in our liturgies.  At best, it blurs the line between church and state; at worst, it is outright paganism.

That said, it doesn’t seem appropriate to confront people with whom you do not worship.  I would simply choose to not attend such a service and have a frank conversation with my family.  I would encourage my family members to consider all that the Scriptures say about the state and whether we have gone a bit overboard (and, of course, open myself up to be taught; I could be wrong).  I would encourage them to take the issue up with their church, but not do it myself.

Now, if the service is in your own church, well that’s a different question.


2 thoughts on “July 4th Church Services

  1. I agree Mike. We used to attend a church that made a big deal out of national holidays with huge displays and lots of national bravado. It was very uncomfortable. I am as patriotic as they come, but we are attending the local church to worship our heavenly Father not the nation. Nice posting.


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