October Book Giveaway

Update: due to lack of interest, I’m extending the deadline.  I know, it’s counter intuitive, but what are you going to do?

The October Book Giveway is here, coming at you with a big shakeup.  This month, instead of me randmonly picking a winner I’m going to let the readers decide.  In order to win The Holy Spirit by John Owen, all you have to do is leave a funny/poignant/earth shattering comment about the church sign below.  I’ll choose from among the best 10 or so (if there are that many) and put up a poll; the readers will decide the rest.

Comments for this post will stay open until midnight 15 31 October.  (BTW, I cannot verify the authenticity of the sign, but while I think it could be real, my instincts tell me it’s photoshopped.)


7 thoughts on “October Book Giveaway

  1. I’ll go for earthshattering….anyone else think that Obama might be the antichrist and Osama be the one to back him.

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