Who Watches the Watchmen?

There’s a good post at The Hog’s Head by Dave the Longwinded about Watchmen (both the movie and the graphic novel).  It examines how the story is a perfect postmodern deconstructionist text.

Ultimately, the book’s most famous tagline belies its most famous theme:  “Who watches the Watchmen?” In deconstructionist fashion, Moore is taking on the notion of a superhero and its role in a free, democratic society.  How can free people put so much faith into one personality and their “unfailing goodness”?  How can “independent” people find so appealing the need for one individual to cure all of society’s ills?  Aren’t these examples of free people wanting some kind of fascism?  Moore explores the idea that the superhero is, in fact, a concept deeply antithetical to free societies — a criticism that we’ve heard on this site and others about Harry.  Conversations about the believability of Harry’s character all revolve around this concept, whether or not he’s “too good” to be a legitimate site in which readers should invest their hope and ideals.


3 thoughts on “Who Watches the Watchmen?

  1. Being subscribed to this blog via RSS, I don’t often actually visit; I don’t know when you put that tagline up, but I just laughed right out loud. Brilliant.

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