I Just Work Here

“Welcome to Life in Mordor.  My name is Clark, and I will be your blogger today.”

Mike was looking for a little help.  This blog, in his own words, had been languishing for a while and he just couldn’t let it die.  I came inside with the help wanted sign, told him I spoke English and owned a computer, and boom!  I’m the new guy.  Perhaps he could use another hand or two; send him a message if you want on board.  (I don’t know anything, I just work here.)

In all seriousness I would like to introduce myself and share just a bit on who I am and what I believe.  My name is Clark Bunch and I also author a blog entitled The Master’s Table.  I will not be putting up the same posts here and over there (cross posting) but a quick look at my blog should make a few things clear real quick.  I have a sense of humor, but take the Bible very seriously.  I believe every sermon should in some way at some point share the Gospel.  You can be a lunatic that enjoys every minute of life, but everything about a Christian’s life should be God honoring and Christ centered.  I have another blog (called My Other Blog) where I rant, blog the news, weather and sports, put up funny pics and jokes, etc.  The Master’s Table is about Christianity and theology, My Other Blog is about everything else cause it’s a big world that just can’t go unblogged.

I usually don’t talk about me.  The next time I post the topic will be Holy Week, or comparing Jesus to Melchizadek, or Biblical exposition or some such as that.  And if you want in on this gig, drop Mike a line; you know you can’t simply blog into Mordor.

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