Who is Joe Derbes?

Hello Life in Mordor readers,

My name is Joe Derbes, and I am new around these parts.  Allow me to share a little about myself and how I came to find this place.

Last weekend I attended the memorial service for Michael Spencer–first, because he meant a lot to me as a Christian writer and blogger; second, because I am in a season of life where I can take off on a road trip to eastern Kentucky at a moment’s notice if I wish to.  While there, I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Clark Bunch.  In perusing his blog I found out about Life in Mordor, saw the “Help Wanted” sign, and decided to drop in and apply.  So here I am.

And now for a little about myself:

My name, as I have previously mentioned, is Joe Derbes.  I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am not a native ATL-ien, but I guess I’ve lived here long enough to count as one.  I am the worst kind of Georgia fan there is.  Lewis Grizzard always used to say, “I’m Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, and when I die I’ll be by God, Bulldog dead.”  But I’ve got him beat cold.  I’m a Dawg fan by choice.  I am a very fair-weather fan of the Atlanta professional sports franchises.  I love to sing along with Milli Vanilli–all I have to do is mouth the words and I sound just like them.  My idea of aromatherapy is to stand in the kitchen or out by the grill and smell a nice, juicy steak cooking.

I am currently in school at Kennesaw State University in the northwest suburbs of Atlanta.  This is not my first tour of duty as a college student.  I attended college at the University of Georgia back in the early 90’s, and after graduating, moved back to Atlanta where I worked for several years at a small document management company.  After being laid off, I decided to re-embrace the role of college student.  Initially I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and so I studied education.  However, there are certain issues in my life (which you can read about here on my blog, if you are interested), and these issues led to a crazy chain of events which ultimately forced me to give up on my desire to be a teacher.  I am now studying accounting.

I have a blog, called “Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion“.  Feel free to stop by and check it out if you wish to get an idea of the sort of things which catch my fancy.  I blog about pretty much anything and everything, because it is a big, wide world out there, and there is nothing which deserves to go unblogged.  Here, however, my posts will be strictly of Christian interest, and perhaps some reviews of books that I find interesting.

I look forward to interacting with all of you out there, and I am grateful to Mike Frizzell for giving me the opportunity.


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