Follow the Bishop Long Story with Care

A story like that of Bishop Eddie Long is fairly low hanging fruit for the Christian blogosphere. Especially for the more conservative bloggers, it would be easy to point out all that’s wrong with Long’s theology and practice, point out all of his recent controversies, and sum it up by categorizing him as “not one of us.” This is the easy way, but not the Christian way.

We need to remember that Long is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Since there are no charges being filed against him (I don’t believe he is alleged to have committed a crime), this might prove difficult, but it should be done. At this point, all that has been released are allegations. As the lawsuit progresses, we will be able to make a better informed decision.

I’m going to follow the Bishop Long story with care, trying not to make a rash accusation. Just because I don’t agree with someone’s theology, or politics, or sexual orientation, doesn’t give me license to condemn them with no more facts than an accusation.


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