It’s About Time

It’s been one year since my friend Gary got sick with what turned out to be leukemia.  The day of Gary’s funeral last December, Michael Spencer was diagnosed with cancer as well.  This was the beginning of a bad year for our ministry as a whole and myself in particular.  At the same time my dad was diagnosed with melanoma.  The days, weeks, months were stressful, but I had no time for asking God all my questions.  The workload doubled up for many of us, and I was well beyond “burnt out” by the end of the school year.  I had to deal with all of these issues and work more hours doing a bigger job than ever before.  Okay, enough pity party.

Spencer pass away in April, my dad followed in June.  I’m just now getting back into a good place.  My job responsibilities have normalized, and I again enjoy attending our chapel services.  I’m writing blog posts again with some regularity, although not as often as before.  So, it’s about time that I started reading all the blogs I recommend on my blogroll, and leaving comments so that people know I’m still with them.  It’s about time that I submitted to Life in Mordor like I said I would when Mike took me on.  There is a time to morn, a time to heal, and now I feel it’s time to get back to the people and blogs that used to consume my time (in a good way).

I guess what I’m trying to say, when you boil it all down, is this: I’m back.  I used to post 3 or more times a week on The Master’s Table.  I used to read about a dozen blogs and comment on each one.  I had a regular following, and was a regular follower of several blog friends, people that I only knew online.  I had a tough few months there, and was surprised at how long it took me to recover after I thought it was over.  Thank you God for healing mercies, and you know what?  It’s about time.


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