Life in Mordor on Facebook

For a while now, Life in Mordor has had a Facebook page, but I haven’t done much with it except put links to all the new posts. If you are on Facebook and would like a little reminder of when we put up a post, by all means follow us. I also just put up a “like” button, but because won’t let us install plugins or run code, it’s kind of a kludgy implementation. Don’t worry though, clicking on the link won’t do anything harmful, it’s just an extra step we have go through in order to get it working.

Beyond just putting up posts, I would like to use Facebook a little more effectively. At the fan page, we have an option to post photos, which I think would be quite useful for submitting funny church signs. Basically, if you find a funny sign, upload it to our page, and if it gets a few likes, we’ll post it over here. So, if you’re interested in Life in Mordor and Facebook (which, admittedly, is a very small number), follow us and become part of the community.


3 thoughts on “Life in Mordor on Facebook

  1. “…which, admittedly, is a very small number…” You’re hilarious Mike.

    I created a Facebook page for The Master’s Table, and putting up links to new posts was all I planned to do. I announced to all my friends that if enough of them “liked” the Master’s Table page I would quit linking every single post on my regular wall. But FB doesn’t work exactly the same as it used to; it used to be that if you became a fan (before there was like) their updates would display on your news feed. After I created the MT page, and liked it, the posts still did not appear on my own feed. I had to go into a menu thing and select it to appear. So, no matter how many on FB like Mordor, there are hoops to jump through in order to stay informed. If you like some enough to “like” it, I think by default it should appear on your news feed. But they didn’t ask me what I thought.

  2. I will admit to knowing very little about Facebook; I use Twitter a whole lot more. But when I clicked on the Like button in our sidebar, it took me to another page where I had to click Like again (this is a limitation with which made Life in Mordor show up in my profile under Other in the Info tab. Now every time I post an update with FB, it shows up in my news feed. This might change if you click Like on actual FB page, I’m not sure. If I figure it out, I’ll add an update to this post.

    • The fan page for Master’s Table is listed as a “company/product.” I had a very short list to choose from when I created it. I’ve seen other pages listed as “religious organization” but it is absolutely impossible to edit that particular detail. Or I don’t know, one or the other.

      The Master’s Table – buy some today!

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