Red, White and Jesus

Happy Independence Day.  In honor of America, red, white and blue has been added to this otherwise boring cross shape.  It’s Christian, it’s American.  Perfect.

Yes, I am poking the hornet’s nest.  I want to know if you think this is okay.  There are a little over 1 billion Christians in the world, while only about 300 million or so Americans.  Can we as American Christians take two things we love and shove them together?  Is it good for America/ good for Christianity to do so?  I want to hear the wheels turning on this one.

Is there such a thing as a Christian nation?  We live in a free country, where freedom of religion and expression are guaranteed rights of every individual.  For many, that means we can practice Christianity openly and without fear.  But the “establishment of religion” by the state is strictly forbidden.  We do not live in a Christian nation the way Muslims in Iran or Afghanistan live in Islamic nations.  We have separation of church and state; in those countries the church is the state.  Ever hear of Islamic Law?  Americans are not ruled by Christian law.

Sound Christians principles may be good for ruling America.  But look at the red, white and blue cross again.  Is that good for the cross?  God established nations and thrones, and ordains the events of history.  Heaven and earth will pass away – and that includes this great nation.  Does making the cross of Christ overtly American demean the Gospel in some way?  How do Christians in Russia feel about that cross?  Or China, India or Ethiopia?  I’m sure blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus has no problem with it.  But what about the New Testament Jesus?  You know, the one that was Jewish.

I’ve been American since the day I was born.  My dad was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, and my grandfather fought in World War II.  I am not a veteran, but do teach American history.  I have been a Christian since age 12.  I am not ashamed of the Gospel or Jesus’ name.  But think about the issue at hand a few moments and decide how you really feel.   How mixed together should our Christianity and patriotism be?  I feel very strongly both ways: let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Red, White and Jesus

  1. I try not to publish material on this site that is simply cut and pasted from my blog The Master’s Table. This post is what blogging is all about; I hope to start a fruitful discussion of this topic. I want to find out what YOU think about adding Christianity to patriotism and vice versa. The post on my personal blog is actually the sermon I preached this morning at my church. It’s meant to exhort believers to good works and also to share the Gospel.

    If this post steps on your toes, the other should wash your feet.

  2. Sorry, just saw this message, or I would have commented sooner. Basically, from all the evidence at hand, Jesus has been usurped by political conservatives in order to appeal to a very solid portion of their base of supporters. They get votes by appealing to the social “hot-button” issues, so that they can put people in power who work to achieve their goals on their financial issues.

    On the religious side, yes, it cheapens the very nature of what Christ taught us through His love and sacrifice. I see it like this: imagine America as one drop iof water in the entire ocean of God’s majesty, and then you will see how futile it is to dare assume that the symbol of america could possibly be melded on equal footing as the Holy Cross.

  3. I am not a religious person, that is to say I do not attend church nor do I tell everyone I meet to have a “blessed day”. I do however believe this nation, The United States of America, was founded on Christian principles and the Red, White and Blue Cross depicts this perfectly. What a great way to say “I still believe that Christianity is a part of the USA” (since there seems to be a wave of opposing opinion washing over the country). I don’t see this cross as a threat to the Russians or anyone else. It’s not replacing the cross, it is merely a reminder to those who know their history, that like it or not, Christianity was instrumental in establishing this great nation.

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