The Difference Between Rick Ankiel and Barry Bonds

Is race the reason why people hate Barry Bonds but seem to love Rick Ankiel?  Is Ankiel getting a pass while the country (minus San Francisco) has decided to remove Bonds from the public record?  Well, I sort of think race has something to do with it, perhaps just at a subconscious level, but two things come to mind that are more prominent in my opinion:

  • Barry Bonds is kind of a jerk.  He doesn’t worship at the feet of the fans.  Rick Ankiel is a nice guy, by all accounts.
  • Barry Bonds has two of the most hallowed records in baseball history.  Rick Ankiel has like 8 career homeruns.

Here in America we’ll forgive just about anyone as long as he’s a nice guy and seems to be truly sorry.  We (and I’m using this liberally here) will still go see Robert Downey Jr. and Owen Wilson movies, Eddie Murphy is still a funny guy, and many (most?) people still say Bill Clinton was a good president.  We’re a forgiving people.  Heck, we’ll even cheer Michael Vick on again because he seems contrite and “found” Jesus.  But we won’t forgive someone who refuses to play nice.  Is that okay?  Probably not, but that’s the way it is.

Rick Ankiel Called Up

In what may be the best story of the year for the Cardinals, they’ve just called up Rick Ankiel, and he’ll play tonight.  This is huge, not only because he’s been tearing up the minors (during which time I got to see him play) but also because this year’s team needs a feel good story and he’s it.  A little over two years ago Ankiel was one of the best pitching prospects but he lost it and even thought about retiring.  Then, he came back as an outfielder and the rest, as they say, is history.  No doubt another World Series is in order. 🙂

 Edit: Is this a Hollywood ending or what?

Cards Pitcher Killed in Accident

St. Louis Cardinal’s relief pitcher Josh Hancock was killed early this morning when his SUV crashed into a stopped tow truck along Highway 40.  The twenty-nine year old pitcher was pronounced dead on the scene.  For Cards fans, this is a sad reminder of Darryl Kile’s death in June of 2002.

I don’t really know what to say about this, except to pray for the family, the team, and the city. May the power of Christ’s resurrection and God’s glory shine in this dark situation.