Sign of the Times XXXIV

Church Sign: God does not intervene in human affairs unless he is asked

I saw the above message on an independent fundamentalist church sign on my home from work the other day.  While I get what they’re trying to say, the execution is horrible.  Without any type of explanation, they seem to be denying creation and the incarnation; I mean, both of those events involved God intervening in human affairs.

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Sign of the Times XXXII: Why Do You Heart the Devil?

I’m not sure if this is a church or not, but they have some serious sign problems.  First, it’s about the size of a novel; I’m thinking most people stopped reading after “Homo’s”.  Second, there’s no excuse for the apostrope abuse (which I’ve commented on before), I’m sure they have grammar checkers at the sign shop.  Third, what in the world is a “P.K” (notice the lack of a second period)?  Place kicker?  Preacher’s kid? Promise Keepers?  Pakistan?  Finally, when I first read it, I thought “High Fullutent” was “High Flatulance”, which is generally only a sin at the dinner table or in front of fancy people.

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October Book Giveaway

Update: due to lack of interest, I’m extending the deadline.  I know, it’s counter intuitive, but what are you going to do?

The October Book Giveway is here, coming at you with a big shakeup.  This month, instead of me randmonly picking a winner I’m going to let the readers decide.  In order to win The Holy Spirit by John Owen, all you have to do is leave a funny/poignant/earth shattering comment about the church sign below.  I’ll choose from among the best 10 or so (if there are that many) and put up a poll; the readers will decide the rest.

Comments for this post will stay open until midnight 15 31 October.  (BTW, I cannot verify the authenticity of the sign, but while I think it could be real, my instincts tell me it’s photoshopped.)