Plodding Productivity

From Douglas Wilson

I believe in plodding. Productivity is more a matter of diligent, long-distance hiking than it is one-hundred-yard dashing. Doing a little bit now is far better than hoping to do a lot on the morrow. So redeem the fifteen minute spaces. Chip away at it. For example, I have a stack of six books that I am working through most weekday mornings — a page or two of each every time I sit down to read. I do the same thing with writing — if you have time for a little bit, then do a little bit.

Canon Press Gets It

It’s not very often that an old media producer shows the unique ability to Get It ™.  Canon Press, who publish Douglas Wilson and Peter Leithart (to name a few), showed that they do indeed get it by putting full versions of their books on Google Books.  You can read an entire book, that they usually sell in paper form, for free on the web.

While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s been proven that if you give something away for free online, it will actually improve sales.  Scott Sigler’s Infected, a novel that was originally given away for free as a podcast, is currently the #2 horror book on Amazon.  Tor Books gave away e-versions of some of their books a few years ago and it drove sales.  Canon Press seems to get this.

What I hope this signals is that Christian media companies will be on the front lines of new media.  Signs are positive, especially when you see something like Modern Parables giving away iPod versions of their short films.  Now, if only music labels could be persuaded to be less draconian and care about their customers.

Update: Here’s a different take on this topic.

I Know I'm Just a Dumb Baptist

But this really troubles me. I’ve written and re-written this post three times, and more than that in my head. Without writing something I might regret, let me just say that libel is never the way to go when dealing with someone with whom you disagree. The charge of bringing dishonor to the gospel is especially hollow when you’re doing it yourself. Is this what Christianity is all about?

Edit: the post in question was removed (as well as the comments) without an explanation.