Harry Potter and Imagination

Be sure to check out Travis Prinzi’s book, Harry Potter and Imagination: The Way Between Two Worlds.  It’s available to order today and if Travis’ work at The Hog’s Head is any indication, it would make a great Christmas present.  (But you better order it soon.)

Dungeons and Dragons

My brother Mitch just put up a post on his blog called “Why D&D Doesn’t Offend Me as a Christian“. The whole post is spot-on, but I thought this quote particularly salient:

In fact, it seems that the values instilled by D&D are more positive than the values instilled in most television shows, video games, and internet blogs.

(I would probably put my own blog in there, but that would imply I’m attempting to instill something, which I am not.)

In my experience, Christians who are against D&D (or any RPG or Harry Potter, et al) simply do not understand magic. Being too literal, they interpret all uses of magic as being inherently evil. They do not understand magic as a literary device because they only look at the text’s surface, never bothering to look for the real story behind it. This is the way they interpret the Bible, which has caused much trouble in evangelicalism.

A Quick Question

Did Mark Driscoll say something about Harry Potter, because I’m getting a lot of traffic from people searching for those terms.  And yes, this is partially a ploy for more Google traffic, but I also want to know.

Harry Potter Week: Day Seven (and Friday Five)

I thought I would combine Friday Five in with Harry Potter week, thus allowing me to kill two blog posts with one.  (The insanity of the previous sentence does not escape me.)  So, for the final post in Harry Potter week, here are five things that definitely, without a doubt, not happen in Deathly Hallows.  (No spoilers unless I’m right, which I hope I am not.)

  • Snape has a depressing conversation with the Death Eaters, resulting in mass suicide.
  • Dumbledore returns as a blue ghost only to reveal to Harry that most of what he said was a lie (from a certain point of view).
  • Dobby bites off Harry’s finger, thus enabling Voldemort’s demise.
  • Harry becomes a giant stone being who defeats Voldemort, then roams the arctic landscape.  (Bonus geek points for anyone who gets this reference.)
  • Harry wakes up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette and realizes it was all a dream.