I Give Up

Well, it comes as no shock to me that I won’t be finishing my NaNoWriMo novel by the end of the month. As they say in the sports world, I’ve been mathematically eliminated. Unless I do something of epic proportions (like write 5,000 words a day) I won’t be getting the 50K by Wednesday.

But that’s okay, because it’s been a good experience for me. There will be more in my next podcast, which should be out on Wednesday or Thursday.

Halfway There

Well, I’m pretty far behind (~3,000 words), but I just passed 25,000 words and the halfway mark. The story is moving along nicely; it’s even deviated from my outline in some major ways. I’m happy, but starting to get an itch to move on. A part of me just wants to finish this friggin book and start something new. This always happens and is exactly why I’ve never finished anything until this year.

Bad Weekend

I had to drive my wife and kids to St. Louis over the weekend, meaning I lost a day of writing. Actually, I wrote a lot in my head, but didn’t get anything down. So now my NaNoWriMo schedule is way off and I’m suffering. I have to find a way to get to 25K by Wednesday, the half-way point.

NaNo: Week 1

Well, the first seven days of NaNoWriMo are over and I am just barely ahead of schedule. It’s been pretty hard trying to keep myself on schedule, especially since I have a family, but I’m making it. Hopefully, I won’t burn myself out, or at least if I do, I’ll be close to the end. There’ll be more on my podcast, so be sure to check it out tomorrow.


Despite a bad weekend (I was in bed sick), I’m still on schedule. I just passed the 10,000 word mark. This is probably the most I’ve ever written in one story, so I’m especially proud of myself. I’m already 20% done!

Tomorrow’s the Big Day

Well, tomorrow begins NaNoWriMo, and I am excited. I’ve got my story all outlined and ready to write; in fact, I’ve been writing the first chapter in my head since yesterday. (I think that’s allowed, just as long as I don’t put anything to paper.)

I won’t be posting the actual story, I really need to be convinced before I’ll put my stuff up, but I will be updating my progress. Also, check out my podcast because for the next three weeks it’ll be NaNoWriMoCast.