I Give Up

Well, it comes as no shock to me that I won’t be finishing my NaNoWriMo novel by the end of the month. As they say in the sports world, I’ve been mathematically eliminated. Unless I do something of epic proportions (like write 5,000 words a day) I won’t be getting the 50K by Wednesday.

But that’s okay, because it’s been a good experience for me. There will be more in my next podcast, which should be out on Wednesday or Thursday.

30K But Far Behind

Just passed the 30,000 word mark, which is a great achievement for me, but I’m afraid I’m too far behind. I’ll have to write 2,500 words every day for the next week in order to finish. Let’s hope I can do it.

Halfway There

Well, I’m pretty far behind (~3,000 words), but I just passed 25,000 words and the halfway mark. The story is moving along nicely; it’s even deviated from my outline in some major ways. I’m happy, but starting to get an itch to move on. A part of me just wants to finish this friggin book and start something new. This always happens and is exactly why I’ve never finished anything until this year.

Bad Weekend

I had to drive my wife and kids to St. Louis over the weekend, meaning I lost a day of writing. Actually, I wrote a lot in my head, but didn’t get anything down. So now my NaNoWriMo schedule is way off and I’m suffering. I have to find a way to get to 25K by Wednesday, the half-way point.

NaNo: Week 1

Well, the first seven days of NaNoWriMo are over and I am just barely ahead of schedule. It’s been pretty hard trying to keep myself on schedule, especially since I have a family, but I’m making it. Hopefully, I won’t burn myself out, or at least if I do, I’ll be close to the end. There’ll be more on my podcast, so be sure to check it out tomorrow.


Despite a bad weekend (I was in bed sick), I’m still on schedule. I just passed the 10,000 word mark. This is probably the most I’ve ever written in one story, so I’m especially proud of myself. I’m already 20% done!