Dealing with Spam

According to my Dashboard, this site, which has been on for a little over a year, has attracted close to 50,000 spam comments. That’s roughly five times the amount of hits I had last year. The filters don’t always catch the bad comments and I usually have to clear out 5-10 spam comments a day.

So, in an effort to reduce the amount of spam I get, and also to avoid having to see some of the depraved things these comments link to, I’m thinking about turning off comments on old posts. See, the majority of spam comes through the archives, and not the current posts. I think this would be a good way to save me some time and energy I should not be wasting.

My question to any reader is this: is this a good thing? Would it be bad blogiquette (I just made up that word) to shut off comments on archived posts? Will I be shunned for such an action?

Edit: I guess I can’t do it because WordPress hides all other comments when you shut them off.  Oh well.

I'm Sick of Spam

But I kind of like the way they try to make it sound interesting.  Here’s one I just deleted from the blog: “He was afraid of the tiny shorts in his breakfast cereal.”  With a link, no doubt, to some perverse and depraved site. 

(I’m loathe to admit it, but I am afraid of tiny shorts in my breakfast cereal too.)

In Which I Prove I'm A Curmudgeon

No, I won’t join MySpace.  No, I won’t be your friend on Facebook.  No, you cannot add me to your PIM software.  No, you can’t have my cell number.  No, I don’t need any more friends.

No, I don’t want to refinance my mortage.  No, I don’t want to enlarge anything.  No, I don’t need your drugs.  No, I don’t want pictures of Paris Hilton.

No, I don’t want a free PS3.  No, I don’t want to punch the terrorist in the face.  No, I won’t click on your stupid blinking ad.

No, I don’t want music blaring when I visit your site.  No, I don’t want click on a picture of a dog just to log onto my freaking bank account.  No, I don’t think your rounded corners and gradients are cool.

No, I don’t want any email updates.  No, I will not validate myself so you can get my email; I didn’t want to talk to you anyway.  No, I will not IM you.  No, I do not agree to your EULA, but I still want to use your software.

No, I don’t want to update Adobe Reader, again.  No, I will not open your attachment.  No, I don’t want your stupid Windows Genuine Advantage, it’s neither genuine nor an advantage.

Just no.

That is all.

Is the New York Times Spamming Me?

The past two days I’ve received a number of spam comments, just like always, but this spam all links to the New York Times website. The email addresses don’t make sense, but they’ve all come from the same ip address ( and link to nytimes(dot)com.

Is the New York Times spamming me? Do they really need a higher Google ranking? Is this a joke? I don’t know, but it’s ticking me off, especially because it’s getting past’s great spam filter.

A Quick Note on Comments

This is just a quick note for any regular reader (ha!) that attempts to hide the fact that I haven’t posted much lately. I am working on a few posts, but things are just now getting back to normal in the Frizzell home (we only got internet access back yesterday).

I did want to say that all comments are moderated, so if you leave a comment for the first time or with a new IP address, it won’t show up right away. This is not because I want to censor anything anyone has to say, but because I get too much spam.

Even though it is an annoyance to everyone, and even though the big time bloggers tell you not to do it, I have to. Akismet gets most of the spam, but at least once a day I get a spam comment linking to the most depraved things you could imagine. If you leave a comment, just be patient, I’ll get it up soon.